Coalition for Open Education: Our Work

  1. We integrate the community, connect people and organisations working for open science, culture and education. We have enjoyed a steady growth and keep acquiring new members.
  2. We successfully negotiate with public institutions and non-profit organisations (such asZachęta — the National Gallery of Artor theAssociation of Creative Initiatives “ę” and others) to embrace open solutions in their practice. We help implement open licensing processes and help solve legal problemsby supplying templates for contracts and running free legal consultations on copyright issues.
  3. We gradually convince and educate grant issuers about the importance of openness in culture and education. Our efforts have lead to – among others – the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage announcing a national competition for Open Educational Resources.
  4. We prepare publications about openness; our most popular publication to date has been the “Guide to Open Educational Resources” (Przewodnik po Otwartych Zasobach Edukacyjnych).
  5. We have trained over 100 leaders of openness.
  6. We protect the Public Domain and educate about its significance; we organise annual celebration events on thePublic Domain Day in Poland.
  7. We monitor new legal regulations concerning access to knowledge and proposed changes to the law. Our legal experts evaluate each new solution and prepare evaluations which form a basis for our solution recommendations.
  8. We maintain a popular blog which keeps readers informed on news and developments in open science and culture.
  9. We prepare handbooks for educators, teachers, animators and facilitators which clearly explain the legal basics of creative work within the context of the Internet. We explain the basics of Creative Commons licenses, the Public Domain, fair use for educational purposes and others. We demonstrate how to search for legally reusable materials online.