Our mission

The mission of the Coalition for Open Education is to support the creation of open educational resources (OER) and to promote best practices and tools in respect to OER.

Coalition for Open Education is an alliance of non-governmental organisations and institutions operating in the field of education, science and culture. We believe that knowledge is a public good and that everyone should be able to use it freely.

Openness means freedom to:

  • explore and store
  • copy and display
  • process, alter and remix
  • share copies and derivative works

Open educational resources is the term used to describe content from, broadly understood, area of education, science and culture, shared in such manner as to guarantee access, open and free of charge, and the right to copy and reuse: process, alter and remix the content for any purpose.

Education based on open resources creates equal opportunities in lifelong learning, democratises knowledge, facilitates its dissemination and development, builds civil society and social capital, and at the same time facilitates the use of resources, including financial, technical and human resources.