Non-profit organisations, educational, cultural and scientific institutions working for the development, promotion and shaping open education in Poland.

The Polish Coalition for Open Education is an agreement between non-governmental organisations and institutions working in the field of education, science and culture. Our common goal is to shape our institutions and their activities in a way which promotes Open Educational Resources – understood as materials available in an open way, one which guarantees everyone the freedom to use, redistribute and remix their content and make derivative works. We aim to be a strong voice in public consultations on new legislation concerning changes in education and science. We also run training workshops and related awareness-raising activities, as well as build a network of openness activists.

Why do we support openness?

  • For all citizens: openness enables a better and less costly education;
  • For teachers and students: openness gives free access to knowledge, free and good quality learning materials and an improved exchange of experience;
  • For institutions: it offers easy contact with target groups, faster implementation of projects and results that can be re-used;
  • For the nation: openness guarantees fast development of innovation and maximising social value.

The Coalition for Open Education was founded in 2008.