Open Access Week

According to a great changes in scientific publishing and promoting the idea of open access, open culture and education, free access to knowledge, the widest possible exchange of experience – international organizations The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), Students for FreeCulture, Public Library of Science, Open Access Directory, and other organizes Open Access Week on 19-23 October.

Members of the Open Education Coalition joins this action and encourage other institutions of science, culture, media to strengthen their authority idea aimed on widening the access to work on the Internet.

We ask, therefore, with a kind request to your institution/organization to display a logo, leaflet and poster Open Access Week on their websites or blogs, on 19-23 October. The progress of the development of OA depends on our joint commitment depends. Through the promotion of OA and join the global action, we can give an educational and scientific resources in the network the right direction of development.

Graphic material to be placed on the page can be downloaded from the official site of the Open Access Week.

OA Week 2009 is organized for the first time in the history of the movement. After the success of the Open Access Day (October 14, 2008), in which involved about 120 libraries in 30 countries, this year organizers put on the extension of the initiative. The list of institutions declared by the continents can be found on the initiative’s webpage.

Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook (OASIS) provides for its part, providing the key elements of the program. In turn, the Open Access Directory provides a platform for all resources created within the initiative. Thanks to videos, podcasts, presentations, posters and other general information developed educational resources on Open Access can be used and adapted to the programs, the needs of customers, and time zone institutions hostujących OA Week celebrations locally.

Broader information about the Open Access movement is available on the EBIB webpage or international Open Access Initiative Week webpage.